Transform Your Coin

If you have a coin that you would like to transform into a ring make sure to contact us. We will provide you with an exact quote on making your ring. The quote will depend on the coin and the finish required for the coin.

An estimate on the price range of making a coin ring would generally be between R450 - R700 including postage from us to you. All you need to do is post your coin to us.

Once we receive your coin it will take between 2-5 days before being shipped back to you.

Coins are all different in their composition and strength and thus can not be insured of its quality. All care will be taken in transforming your coin into a ring but unfortunately we can not guarantee that this will be successful. If for some reason it is not successful and the coin is damaged, you will receive a Minted Jewellery voucher for the quoted amount and the damaged coin will be sent back with your new order.